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7/32 1.5 mil Copper Foil #FL-123 $ 3.79

60/40 Solder, 1 lb roll #SP-101 $ 4.95

Inland 100w Soldering Iron #TL-202 $ 23.75

Standard Cutting Oil #SP-902 $ 2.89

Toyo Acrylic Supper Cutter #TL-111 $ 22.95

Waterglass Glass Pack #PK-321 $ 34.95


use copper foil on the glass and soder from there with 70% iron soder

Based on the classes I took and the opinions I've formed
- it depends on what you are trying to create. There are two methods: copper foil and lead.

Copper foil: Cut pieces, grind, wrap in copper foil, flux,
solder together, and clean.

If you are creating something that involves small/intricate
pieces I'd recommend the copper foil method. Typically the solder is 60%/40% or

50%/50% (I don't know about 70%/30%). Solder is actually a lead/tin

mixture not iron. This method is used for Tiffany lamps, suncatcher, etc.

Lead: Cut glass, grind if needed, trim with lead, flux, solder together,

putty (let dry for a week), use whiting to clean and remove extra putty, brush to shine.

If you are going to make a window or something that you want to have

very crisp solder lines/curves I'd recommend lead (i.e. like what you see
in churches, front doors, etc). I think Lead gives a cleaner finished

product but it is not good for tight curves or smaller pieces like Tiffany

lamps because you would need to cut each piece if lead individually and

solder together [I know I'm not explaining this part well, sorry). Also, it

has a few more steps than copper foil.

I think it is beneficial to learn both methods if you
are serious about

I think a copper foil followed by a lead class is the way to go. Lead needs a few extra tools that copper foil doesn't but all of your tools from copper foil can be used for lead. Copper foil is also cheaper to make mistakes while you are learning to solder.

Either of the two classes required me buying my own tools.
The copper foil class I took through the Parks and Rec department and the lead class
I took through a stained glass shop. I am currently taking a third class on Window

Making as it requires learning about exact measurements, reinforcement,


Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

:) Jen

can you give me lowdown on stained glass? i talked to
this girl this weekend that told me the easiest way to do it would be

use copper foil on the glass and soder from there with 70% iron soder

DeNicholas, Jennifer

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Inland 100w Soldering Iron #TL-202

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60/40 Solder, 1 lb roll #SP-101

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